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[When] I communicate music I work in imagery - it helps me imagine the story and I think of our imagination as alive - it helps other people to buy into the story too ... more playful and more fun.
— Claire Hewitt - Thumbs Up Interview

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About Claire Hewitt

My gang are so cool. They photo bombed on our recent shoot for Alpha Omega Playback Theatre Company

My gang are so cool. They photo bombed on our recent shoot for Alpha Omega Playback Theatre Company

Claire Hewitt


An educator, facilitator, musician, actor and director, Claire has been involved in performing arts for seventeen years and worked with people of all ages and abilities. Her methodology is based on the soul voice, enhancing communication and giving a voice to the unspoken. Trained in playback theatre, Claire has an extensive knowledge of group work with active engagement and is armed with a Bachelor of Performing Arts, University of Otago and Certification in Teaching Adults.

As a facilitator Claire enjoys building the capacity, confidence and skills of the individuals she works with, providing provocation and inspiring creative discourse through devised work. Alongside the communities Claire works with, she specialises in working with people with disabilities and building confidence in the vulnerable members of society.

Claire Hewitt has developed her concept of “speaking from the soul voice” to follow her personal dream of working with people, not so that they are ‘acting at being but actively becoming fully themselves and performing from a place of truth. 

Human interaction is absolute paramount as a tool for creating success out of one’s life, being more open to opportunities, revealing creative depths, and valuing oneself and others.  Claire’s philosophy is about developing confidence in people through performing and the process of self-discovery, and that each person has a unique contribution to make to the world.

Claire is an active member of Wellington Playback Theatre Company (Artistic Director), Wellington Community Choir and Song Leaders Network Aotearoa. 


John Paul

John Paul

John Paul Young


John Paul and Claire work together in a weekly shared music project at Thumbs Up in Petone. They wake up Fridays with vibrant interactive music and singing. 

About John Paul:

"I have been a registered music therapist since 2010. I have worked with lots of different groups and individuals within the community in that time - from young children, to teenagers, to adults and the elderly. It is heaps of fun.

My main instruments of choice are my voice and the guitar, but I
can also coax a tune or two out of the piano and the ukulele. I
have been making music for about 20 years now, and have played in many bands and recorded three albums.

As well as being a music therapist, I am also a guitar teacher
and father of two young, noisy children".


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"You add value because you understand what we are trying to do, you get the purpose. (Art to educate, empower and unite)"
"Great energy and enthusiasm"
"To provide awesome ideas to help keep things going. I also love the way that you find ways of involving everyone in the group"
"Facilitating their own musical response to the music whether through helping them hit a drum, or encouraging them to sing"
"Amazing how you make the group cohesive and work with all of the different client's needs and being able to facilitate and inspire and new opportunities to express themselves and do things and push boundaries on things they haven't done before."
"Build confidence with/for the staff as well.
"The soul connection at a deeper level"
"Connecting, clients to staff and then to the people they come into contact with outside of thumbs up."
"Creative person who comes into the service and tap into the creative nature of the young people in a way that others can't."

"Confidence, developing skills, being around people. In another way, it's confidence to be a bit silly and not feel embarrassed There is unification of the group via the shared experience and unity. I don't know what the magic is, but it is magical when your energy bounces off the group and meaningful experience and connect (with JP)"
"Group dynamic's is always good."

"You add value because you understand what we are trying to do, you get the purpose." Art to educate, empower and unite
"Great energy and enthusiasm"

"I learnt something new from you Claire, that was wonderful". Julian Raphael, Community Music Junction