Activating the Spark Workshops

A short course of six sessions held weekly providing a more in depth look into your chosen technique. All workshops can be crafted to fit with your groups needs.



  • Expand on the ideas that ignite creativity in yourself or your participants
  • Deepen self-process alongside others sharing a common experience.
  • Be present alongside others, building on connection and communication skills.
  • Engage in a deeper level of play and creativity.
  • Present a performance or open workshop for your community


  • A short course held weekly providing a more in-depth look into your chosen creativity technique.
  • More time to detail our creativity technique and explore your potential within.
  • Build a meaningful and deeper connection with other participants.


Price: Group 6 week Introduction $1300 + venue hire –

I love your style Claire - so welcoming and warm, with you at our side I feel like anything is possible and likely fun too!

Erica Duthie. TapeArt NZ

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