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Find your Voice as an Educator: NZ Improv Festival 2017

I am so thrilled to be delivering a workshop to fellow creatives in the NZ Improv Festival. Find your voice as an educator. 

Nurturing the spark in you.

Perfect for anyone wishing to identify their own teaching style

This is a workshop that will explore techniques and methods to find your own voice as an educator. When we educate it comes from the heart and soul; it’s an offering we make to other people. We share a perspective about the world and the work that we do, work that drives us and gives us passion and cause.

In this workshop we will explore:

  1. - The fundamentals of what makes up a good lesson.
  2. - Planning and mapping out course structure.
  3. - Going with the flow and making adjustments as you go.
  4. - Living to your values and living what voice speaks through your work.
  5. - Mindfulness for assessment, checking in and reflection.
  6. - Building mentorship and leadership opportunities from within the company, sharing the love of what you do.


“This workshop really helped me to identify what I have to offer and ground me as an educator.” - Rachel Nankivell

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