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Coconuts Cinema Premiere

Clip from our trailer Coconuts

Clip from our trailer Coconuts

It gives us great pleasure to announce the premiere of our film Coconuts at Nga Taonga Sound and Vision 10:30 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Monday the 10th of December.

Help us celebrate the hard work of the creative teams from communication to music and drama we have created three short films for your enjoyment, Communication Film, Coconuts, Behind the Scenes of Coconuts. These have all been created/made by participants of Thumbs Up.

You can find Nga Taonga Sound and Vision at 84 Taranaki St, Te Aro, Wellington. On the corner of Ghuznee Street and Taranaki Street. Parking isn't so good in this area, parks may be found on streets surrounding this space, there is no drop off outside on Nga Taonga Sound and Vision.

Behind the scenes the making of Coconuts.

Behind the scenes the making of Coconuts.

Bring an item for a seat in our cinema session.

Instead of asking for a gold coin donation we would like to collect food donations for the Lower Hutt food bank to help with people in crisis this Christmas.

We would like to invite you to pick an item off the list below.

The Foodbank needs nutritional food items and other household goods:

  •     Seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables

  •     Tinned vegetables such as corn kernels, beans, peas,

  •     carrots, tomatoes

  •     Tinned fish and canned meats

  •     Tinned fruit

  •     Tinned spaghetti and baked beans

  •     Tinned soups and dried soup packets

  •     Tea bags and milk powder

  •     Baby food, baby milk formula, baby nappies and wipes

  •     Dried goods such as rice, sugar, flour, instant noodles and pasta

  •     Biscuits, snack and muesli bars

  •     Spreads such as jam, peanut butter and marmite

  •     Household items such as bar soap, soap powder, toilet rolls

We will have a box for dropoff on the day.

Nga Taonga Sound and Vision has a cafe/candy bar so if you would like to purchase something to have during the film invite you to bring some money for the full movie experience.

We are deeply grateful for the support of Nga Taonga supporting us to present these films.

Abi and Melissa work on the Communications film

Abi and Melissa work on the Communications film

I bet you would love to hear a little bit more about them.

The Communication Film was made earlier in the year and explores the relationship between service and sales when ordering fast food as a person with a disability ensuring good communication and ease of service.

It was also an opportunity for the team to learn more about the techniques of filming from creation to editing.

Coconuts is a year-long exploration of scripting, storyboarding and action on set locations, although Claire finalized the editing (to add a surprise element for the team), all other decisions were made by the participants.

Both projects were facilitated by Shannon Hennig and Claire Hewitt to enable the fullest potential through creativity and communication.

Our final film Behind the Scenes of Coconuts is the personal experience of the students. It captures the process of script construction, filming and editing.

If you would like to bring people, we have spaces available for you and you need to contact Jill at Thumbs Up to confirm RSVP for the event: 

More tantalizing details to come on Friday.