Claire Hewitt is igniting the creative spark in people of all ages and abilities in Wellington. Drama, vocal training, creative engagement, music and theatre workshops. Whether a big organisation or small community group, Claire's workshops build confidence, connection and interpersonal skills. 

Your mind, body & soul. Ignite the creative spark.  

Our Mission is to facilitate creative engagement for people by providing inclusive, connective and playful workshops, activities and experience.

We stand for social justice and empowerment.

It is all about instilling confidence in the individual through the arts process, guiding them to find their own way.

There is always an outcome, you can create an environment where one can give individuals space and confidence to get past the barriers holding them back; the first step of being engaged. Then as individuals, they buy-in and this is really important, as then they are bringing themselves to the work. This togetherness, collaboration and co-creation nurtures greater gains of confidence independence and freedom of voice.


"You add value because you understand what we are trying to do, you get the purpose." Art to educate, empower and unite
"Great energy and enthusiasm"

"I learnt something new from you Claire, that was wonderful". Julian Raphael, Community Music Junction

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