Welcome to Naturally Creative You 2019!

Dear Seeker of Connection,

I am left wondering about the nature of relationships, our ability to be with each other and to care with genuine hearts how other people are doing?

In this Naturally Creative You series we look both at relationship to ourselves and then how we relate to other people.

Our relationship to nature and nurture that part of self-care that allows us to create space, connection and well-being in our lives.

A place to be seen and heard, to feel and just be.

We return to nature where there is space for play, ritual and connection. 

How we are meant to be.

A place to play with the simplicity of the elements of our natural environment.

Grounded in customs as old as man.

  • Feel the sun on your face, the wind on your hair, the water on your feet, the earth in your hands, as we create spaciousness within you.

  • Your weekly retreat in nurture and creativity.

  • Deepening the connection to self and how we relate to others

With support from Creative Communities NZ, we give our thanks.

Collage about this project.

Collage about this project.


We are doing weekly live workshops with Thumbs Up until June 24th 2019. Inspired by our sessions I am making an exercise available each week to celebrate nature and nurture. You can watch these below.

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In this video, we explore the relationship to Presence and grounding yourself in breath. It is a taste of the workshops being held across the Hutt Region with Naturally Creative You. Video 5.20 mins

In this video, we explore viewpoints, connection and breath in relation to self-nurture. Video 3.46 mins.

In this video I make an invitation to you for Wealth walks and we explore art-making with leaves. Supplies you will need: Paper or art journal, pencils, crayons, pastels and you leaves of choice. Video 14.57

In this video we cruise a variety of warrior poses for increasing energy and getting focused. Video 6.43 mins

In this video we take a moment to connect to ourselves with a simple and comforting nurture exercise "Hand over heart". Video 2.44 mins


This is the complete series for the first part of Naturally Creative You for 2019.

I go back to leading live workshops in summer 2019.

Please note where there is white patches, if you click on the video the information will be there.