Welcome to Naturally Creative You 2019!

Dear Seeker of Connection,

I am left wondering about the nature of relationships, our ability to be with each other and to care with genuine hearts how other people are doing?

In this Naturally Creative You series we look both at relationship to ourselves and then how we relate to other people.

Our relationship to nature and nurture that part of self-care that allows us to create space, connection and well-being in our lives.

A place to be seen and heard, to feel and just be.

We return to nature where there is space for play, ritual and connection. 

How we are meant to be.

A place to play with the simplicity of the elements of our natural environment.

Grounded in customs as old as man.

  • Feel the sun on your face, the wind on your hair, the water on your feet, the earth in your hands, as we create spaciousness within you.

  • Your weekly retreat in nurture and creativity.

  • Deepening the connection to self and how we relate to others

What you get:

  • Specially crafted journal for painting, drawing and recording your experiences.

  • Facilitated and guided experiences in nurture and nature

  • Access to resources for painting and drawing

  • Beautiful nature locations around in the Hutt with unique individual exercises and experiences at each of these places.

Frequently asked questions:

Will transportation to the various nature locations be provided?

You will need to find your own transport to these locations

Do I need to bring any of my own resources like stationery and pens?

Each participant will be given a notebook and a pen in our first workshop.  w

When we are at thumbs up we will have accessible resources suitable to the exercises  we are creating. I invite you to bring your own stationery supplies for more detailed works including a variety of colour, glitter or washi tape. Pencil and rubber encourage for the drawing elements of our work.

Why are the sessions during the day?

The sessions are set to fit with Thumbs Up's up schedule. I invite you to indulge in Monday nurture if it works with your schedule.

We have started!

It is completely delicious to give time to ourselves in this way.

As an added bonus to our workshops I decided to send an exercise a week to our mail list to share in what is enriching our community.

To receive our exercises by email please join our email below.

Check out some of the locations we will be visiting in our weekly retreat.

Live Workshops

Monday, Week One: starting 11th February

11 a.m. -12 p.m. at Thumbs Up

Monday, Week Two: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. in Nature

Finishing with our closing session

11 a.m. - 12 p.m. 24th June, Thumbs Up.

We are offering live workshops in Lower Hutt in collaboration with our friends Thumbs Up and Hutt Creative Communities visiting various locations around the Hutt to embrace our naturally creative side in nature.

The weeks will rotate one session at Thumbs up and then one in Nature.

Please note: the varying start times. We will ensure everyone has a schedule for the workshops.

You are invited to join us too.

We have seventeen weeks of spacious creative time to connect to ourselves within the group experience. This is a chance to ground yourself in nature, embrace practical tools of creativity and embodiment.

Hikoikoi Reserve

Hikoikoi Reserve

Belmont Park

Belmont Park

Avalon Park

Avalon Park

Collage about this project.

Collage about this project.

Sladden Park

Sladden Park

Percy’s Reserve

Percy’s Reserve

Riddiford Gardens

Riddiford Gardens

Get out of your head and into nature, to reset the body and mind.

Embracing the opportunity for nurture in nature we will be exploring the deeper value of relationship to self and well being.

This means opportunities for making art, creating mandala’s from nature, singing song, play: inviting the playful freedom of our youth to creative experiences that allow us to become present. Enjoy having hands on the earth and feet on sand and greenery in your hands.

All of our work will be held with an Intentional Creativity process.

Want to join our program? It officially closes Feb 18th.

Fee's for Naturally Creative You


I have six available slots for our sessions.

Special community rate for local organisations:

I am happy to include participants from local disability and mental health organisations. I have a few slots available for you. Email me or call me, let's chat and make it happen for your people.

Supporting Thumbs Up

We will donate 50% of your fee to extend the opportunity for creativity and connection at Thumbs Up 

Your support will help the ongoing programs and make a difference in the lives of people with disability. 

We will provide receipts for tax purposes.

Our people are beautiful and you will get an opportunity to play, connect and create alongside them in this program, you will experience first hand the wonder, smiles and joy of people that know how to have a good time.

How to Sign up

You can sign up by responding below or give me a call on 0273420628. I would love to chat with you. 

If you need more time, I recommend starting no later than the 18th February, I will include a special one on one session to catch you up with the rest of the group before the 18th at a tie that suits you.

Name *

Claire Hewitt Igniting Creativity

Claire Hewitt is igniting the creative spark in people of all ages and abilities.

An educator, facilitator, musician, actor and director, Claire has been involved in performing arts for seventeen years and worked with people of all ages and abilities.

Her methodology is based on the soul voice, enhancing communication and giving a voice to the unspoken using creativity to access this place that we have in ourselves.

Naturally Creative You Video Series 2019

I am excited to be introducing you to creatives from all over the world embracing creativity enriching our communities.

Let me introduce to Shealagh K King of the TLC Nurture Retreat starting 28th January 6.30 PST.

One week of nurture workshop series and live chats.

Although we are now past the retreat space, you can still sign up to receive TLC Nurture by mail.

There really are some yummy treats for your self-care.

You can join by clicking the button below.