Gathering Ground

One of the most important things we can do in daily life is gather ground, it gives us our ability to connect and build energy and to explore creatively what the world has to offer.

The most simple way to do this is breathing, but how we breath is the key!

I know anytime I feel rushed or put under pressure my introvert temperament comes out and it tests how grounded I am and how I am breathing. This is the perfect time to take note. When I am flustered I am not as creative as I want to be.

Self assessment is an important tool for wellbeing. You know your body best, trust in that and you can't go wrong.

To gather ground, you have to get it under you, either lie on the floor or take those shoes off and get your toes connecting to the ground or whatever surface you are on.

Next is breathing, it comes naturally, take a moment to notice, am I breathing through my nose or my mouth? Fast or slow? What is my heart doing, fluttering, fast beating or calm rhythm?

We are going to develop a practice for deep cyclonic breathing. Breathing through nose, nice slow and measured and out through the mouth, nice, slow and measured.

This is the ideal way to gather ground, feel settled and release unnecessary tension and to release thoughts on creativity.

On you first or second breath, release any sound you have in you. Repeat the process. That sound you just made is any lingering tension you have been holding on too released into the ether.

Keep in mind, deep breathing should be relaxed, not forced, when you push yourself you may get dizzy and you could find the side effects of things like smoking, asthma and winter colds will have some affect on the ease of breathing.

If you do have challenges in drawing the breath you desire, please stop this process and consider seeing a doctor.

The bonus of taking time out to breath is you give yourself just enough space for your brain to come up with ingenious new ways to tackle a problem.