The Art of Play as an Adult

As a creative engagement facilitator this is one of our most asked for experiences, to have fun and to play. As adults we don't have nearly the amount of creative space to play like we do as children, it's a challenge to engage imagination away from the tasks of everyday life but when you sit in a scenario where its okay to play could you do it?

Can you let go be in the moment and be present with whatever you are and wherever you're at in life to have a little  fun?

This really reminds me of what it is like to teach in early childhood, a constant exchange of invitation and permission or in the theatre world we like to call it "the offer" and taking up the offer. One person makes an offer and the other takes it up and responses in kind, in this case   The young man at the time said to me "Come and climb my tree". "I'll climb your tree just point me in the direction". Ha, ha, ha its a trick, your off to jail. "No, no, not jail! Somebody help me"!

Some more young people brought into this offer and our play became more elaborate.

It's playful and its fun this is the active permission allowing you to play, have fun and respond.

Want to know when you're fully in the play space? When you are 100% engaged in the front of the brain without analyzing or being worried about what happens next, enjoying the immediacy of the moment.

So next time someone gives you an offer, I say take it up you never know what sort of fun that it's going to lead too.