The Art of Play

If you love theatre games and want a diverse book

Check out a resource I downloaded from Amazon called Zoomy Zoomy by Hannah Fox.

Hannah's parents are the founding members of playback theatre, it seemed somewhat appropriate to get her book and read about some of the exercises other people doing in playback all over the world. The exercises build connection, physical theatre and community.

I reference her brilliance and it's nice to see the names of friends from all over the world who have contributed to this book.

My game of choice for last nights rehearsal was called "Empty Vessel" rather brilliantly you stand in a circle and the person in the middle is responsible for making a sound and movement the group has a copy this to the best of our ability then the person in the middle of bills on the movement and then find someone that they wish to individually share this with.

 They take a moment to build on the moment and then they swap positions and the person chosen becomes a new leader and leads the existing exercise into a new one this follows suit until everyone has had a turn. I blended this with a song we have been learning recently Nanuma by Vocal Union and arrangement by Carol Shortis.

 This was extraordinary. I loved the creativity and the playfulness and the adventurous quality that people place in their play this is really fun for all of the potential of creating art.

Truly creative play can sometimes be the most satisfying way of creating art and art that lasts past the moment.

If you have something you want to try and you have a great group of people that you know are going to do their best on it then just put it out there and do it!

It is so exciting to put your energy behind something and make it come to life.