Community Voices leading young people into a bright future

Once a girl guide always a girl guide. 

I remember being a very young girl in a barely warm local hall walking a path of flowers to a mirror on the floor where I had to repeat my dearly memorized Brownie promise, "I look down and who do I see, looking back at me, me." That's all I can remember, I am 38 years old and this memory still remains with me as once of the first moments for calling on our own strength and resilience and believing in myself and what I had to offer the world at my tender age back then.

What has remained and built over that time is a the relationship; to support young girls into becoming leaders. Is this where I first got the taste? So this was the ideal opportunity to work with incredible people leading the charge in the heart of our communities.

I was fortunate enough that the Girl Guide Organisation was having a conference celebrating and connecting leaders from all over New Zealand. I got to lead a workshop with over 90 participants, fueling their toolboxes with resources to take back to their communities. There is nothing better than an amazing group of women of all ages prepared to battle it out in play, it always surprises me when competitive natures take over and we really see play taken to the next level. We had a fast paced session delivering as many diverse tools as possible for the leaders to take back to their groups and to prompt the young women into walking their own path. 

These women are the heart and soul of our country, working one on one with the smallest of girls until they are young women ready to fly the nest. I bow down to the hard work of the women now and those from the past; with gratitude to those that helped shape me. It is very pleasing to see the circle made whole and to be able to give back after all of these years.

Fast paced action makes for a blurry and mad session packed with fun

Fast paced action makes for a blurry and mad session packed with fun