TLC Nurture Retreat


I am thrilled to be facilitating the breakout rooms and being a tech person for the TLC Nurture Retreat.

I met the lovely Shealagh in 2015 with the Right Brain Business Plan with Jennifer Lee.

Several years later we have developed our vision of creativity to present to the world.

Shealagh is passionate about embodiment and is presenting this free workshop series on nurture and adding tools to your toolbox for self care.

It is a delicious retreat and easy to sign up to: It’s totally free and comes to your inbox, i’m there too! Wooo!

A Nurtured Life Online Body-Mind TLC Retreat details

The TLC Nurture Wheel.

The TLC Nurture Wheel.

You can watch Shealagh and I as we chat all things Nurture and the TLC Retreat.

There will be a round two in April, if you want to jump on board, click the link Cost-free TLC Retreat sign-up: