Prose: 10 Day Project 2019

As an additional challenge I decided to respond in prose working with the concept of water and the river.

I really enjoy the metaphor of the river and how it applies to my life.

The next 10 days are a reflection review and integration of my daily experience via the river metaphor.

Day One

Steady flow the waters of my River
We are connected,
Yet on our own path.
Blending together moving in the same direction.

Little splashes arise reminding me,
Do not forget, everyone is not on the same wave as you.
Yet the water flows on,
The tide turns on the light of the day.


Day Two

Whirlpools of water are fun to be in for a moment or two.
You get lost in yourself.
How long have I been spinning in circles?
Minutes turn into an hour,
Slow is the day.
Yet much is a achieved.
The expanse of my river wide and flowing with purpose.
I get jobs ticked off, 
I flow with ease.
Then time stands still.

Where is my partner river?
It is full of edie's and whirlpools but not the ones that are playful, the ones that drag you down and overwhelm you.

My river comes to a stop.
On a held breath I listen, try to be objective.
In my heart, not in my head.
I am a good person, I mantra to hold my energy. 
I told my truth, yet rocks are being thrown at my water.
Big Rocks, two wound, to make me aware of the pain of others. 
Without regard for my own.
I will not play a Blame Game.
I am a river, it flows on.
No right to respond.
Much to say.
Turbulent are the waters of my river, they flow in circles in my mind.

Harking back to the incident.
Showing me with clarity what happens.
I know the truth, 
I am not alone.
I am feed with love, my river flows on.
It is a battle to still the flowing my mind.


Day Three

The river is flowing, flowing and growing, back to the sea.
The dawn of a new day heralds hope and freedom.
Compartmentalize and move on.
Other things need my attention.
Today I place my energy the little things, art.
I flew in a peaceful and mindful direction.
I am one with the water.
I marched through it until my leg aches.I have only been awake for a short while, tossed, turned, half sleep unable to work, listening to the call of my body

Yet I charge through, 
with determination, being better and making good on my day.

A sad heart needed time to heal, to realize it's value.So witnessed by friends.Reminded of the time, path before me.I save lives. 
I am a healer.
Mother Earth carries me, back to the sea.


Day Four

I am called to the water,
Return to the sea the leaves in the shells that flowed to me.

Yet when I went to give back,
it wasn't meant to be. 
So a secret sculpture I made, 
To give thanks.
Time stretched wide and paths intersectected 
I understand the journey.

Where I am headed takes bravery and commitments.

It is a trickle flowing through nature to rejoin the river,
Flowing mighty and strong.
Ride out the challenges, 
Flow and grow,
I am reminded to tend to the seeds you have planted.


Day Five

White capped waves of conflict, yet I am not conflicted.
I can see clearly, 
as if you can see to the bottom of the river, to see what lies upon the floor.

Although the rocks form barriers,
The waters find a way to move forwards. 
Moving towards a destination.

Yes, I know the destination. 
I know where I need to go. 
The order of the day, within the bigger picture. 
I stop, pause, to be with people.

Creating people bubbles, nothing can touch us while we are in our bubble together.
Making a special magic between us.

I have found my voice and set the record straight. 
I was heard, 
There was resolution.
The river flows on more at ease than before.

Day Six


Riding the rapids of the many tasks of the day. 
I am a conqueror
No Saturday sleep ins me.
Mountains to conquest,
Animals to see,
Trees to walk a amongst.

With determination we set about the day vegetables in hand,
Bacon sannies in the bag, water to hydrate.

Remaining hydrated with rum and ginger beers
Fresh limes are in season.
Arriba, Viva Mexico!

Time to turn in the next phase,
Brush the sugar from your teeth
Fall into a deep sleep.


Day Seven

Tight calves!
Walking like the captain, on board the ship of my own making.

That'll learn me for overdoing it yesterday.
Identifying the moment.
Aware of your body, surroundings and the bigger picture.

The river will always make its own path,
But it prefers the one with the least resistance.

So we flow, from task to task, couch to outside and back to the couch again.
We hold our destiny, change is only a choice away.

Late night mind pollution about the dentist.
I choose to sleep well. 
I will deal with that tomorrow

Day Eight


I surrender to the day, 
I ride out the tide of feelings and nestle into the stillness of being in nature.
Breathing deep,
Trust in the instinctual response
Acknowledging but not overpowering.

Dinner for lunch.
Tight muscles, relax shoulders,
The dentist.

I'm having a hot chocolate.
I need the sugar hit before I'm numbed, drilled and polished.

I call on the almighty powers of protection from the universe.
To give thanks for the highly skilled job with my dentist.
It is not my passion but I'm glad it is someone else's.Patching the ever degrading teeth like sands resettling on the river bed.
I surrender,
I remember,
I'm ok, this is an active service to help with my wellness so I can help others.
We all have a role to play.


Day Nine

All rivers are started by a triple heading in the same Direction. It becomes a flow, it is, it grows and sometimes it returns to being a trickle.

I trickle into the day, moving in the right direction little licks of pain flick through the root of my tooth. 
Making it difficult to think,
My head throbs and squeezes tight above my eyes.
Is it if it does not heal we need to extract it.

Nope, nada, nijinsky.
Not yet! I need another 10 years at least. 
I will manage the pain like I did with the other one.
Heal me antibiotics,
make your magic happen.

I dig deep and rest on the cushions of the couch,
Enveloped, cosy under the blankets, I sleep.

I reflect upon a week of finale television episodes.

Day Ten

Record, present, be present.
We have made day 10, it is amazing.

In the bright light of the day I connect with my painting and we create together.

The eyes of a diva shine bright at me,
Not a diva, 
bright with promise like the dawn of a new day,
the ever flowing river flows on it does not stop for anyone.
We move connected together, the life blood.

A dose of medication in the early morn sees me able to work,
Washed down with a banana

You'd think after 16 years of swallowing medication it would swallow with ease for me.

The cause of my dental problems, 
Prevents me from having seizures.
I give and take these are problems related to having epilepsy.

Wednesday is my new day of flow with purpose.
Zip here and there, building the foundations to make my business strong and resolute.

My river flows on, never ending in the pursuit of connection.