Playback Theatre for the Classroom

In Term Four 2015 I ran a six week program "Activating the Creative Spark" in Playback Theatre at Mana College for TWA Unit.

The aim of this was to deliver a program to meet the needs of the participants as diversely as possible. Playback was ideal for this group and utilized the skills of playback to do this. 

Storytelling: having participants tell and being invited into the world of the participant

Acting: performing back the story to the teller to have a real experiences performing.

Music: learning how to make music from the feeling,  a word,  to honor the story and to play percussion instruments to match the actors.

Providing opportunities for students to play and create, engage creatively and create deeper bonds.

Musicians play for our actor.

This program is very successful thanks to the interactions of the teacher aides and support workers, with their sense of playfulness encouraging bravery and confidence in the participants.  

It has since followed on with participants joining us our Alpha Omega Playback Theatre Company.