Hutt Playback Theatre

Response from participants and audience

What do you think of our venue?

  • A big thank you to arts on high for having us, it's been marvellous.
  • We have used two spaces, a warm up space and a performance space, this has been wonderful. Thank you

What has been challenging?

  • Doing the play in front of people was challenging, Angela
  • I liked it all, Linda
  • Being congratulated by people I didn't even know, Mary
  • I look forward to coming here, I enjoy it. Judy
  • It was challenging because I had sailing, it conflicted, and it made it hard to come in after being out for so long. It was really enjoyable. (I found you slotted into the group quite well considering, Claire, the previous knowledge from Christie Centre supported this transition). John
  • Being in a space that you’re not used to, facing  the audience, meeting lots of different people, with different skills and abilities, facing the fear and doing it anyway , Janet
  • Trying to find sounds and movements to match the topics, unknown
  • Arts on high: The noise for the clients, rather than management, for the Asperger's clients, with the creative sounds we were making.
  • Maybe we could find a different space that doesn't affect the workspace of other participants. John (We are not sure if this is a copied response from the conversation or an independent thought, only John had this opinion, it is valuable to bear in mind)

What did you enjoy about being part of this process?

  • It was great being in front of an audience, I have done that before, it was nice to do it in a different way. Mary
  • Spending time with people from my base and exploring with sounds and movements. Rosalie
  • The performance, the actions and the acting, I enjoyed the whole lot,
  • Raewyn and Linda enjoyed the whole lot. Tracey
  • Lise and Judy, expressed how it challenged them to come out of their comfort zone, but they have enjoyed coming and meeting new people.
  • Good fun: Angela
  • For you: Johnny (This was a catch phrase of our work together, we used it to conclude each story on stage)
  • Connection, great. To hear your voice Natasha
  • Growing confidence as a group, inspiration watching each other and growing in confidence together Janet
  • I loved the physical and verbal reactions in the games and how we developed as a group to be more expressive and creative in this time. Claire
  • One thing that really jumps out from our time together?
  • The whole thing was amazing. Linda
  • I liked it, lifting up, big energy, Joining in, big expressions. Johnny
  • Music, good, good. Francis
  • Music, Raewyn
  • Being here and seeing everyone, Judy
  • Acting with the people, as the audience, I wasn't shy, Mary
  • Doing the Show, singing and putting it on stage, Rosalie
  • Doing the singing, Tracey
  • Spontaneity and freedom to express, Janet
  • Enjoyed the whole experience and putting it on the stage, John
  • The cooperation getting to know people better, getting to experience all the unexpected things together, expressions and creativity. Kate

What do you see next for Hutt Playback?

  • More, Linda
  • Possibly somewhere else? (John only)
  • More playback
  • Move movement and expression and love, Raewyn
  • More drama, keep going, Judy
  • More, Mary
  • Same time, same place

What was a highlight of the performance?

  • Singing the songs, John
  • Having the audience participate with us
  • They were really supportive, Janet
  • Being present, keeping head up and look out at people, Tracey
  • Singing with everyone, the sleeping story, when everyone lay down, Rosalie
  • Coping with my feelings about being there, managing my wellness, I was ready, there to commit. Mary
  • I agree with Janet, the audience Judy
  • It’s very different from rehearsal, because we change from our stories to hearing their stories, the stories of the audience and how we can build those stories; we are performing for them their stories. We are creating a dialogue together, our shared experiences. Claire
  • I had a good time, Francis
  • I had a really good time, Johnny
  • Good, I good being with people, good mix of people, support Cheryl. Natasha
  • I liked the energy of everyone coming together; we just filled that whole space. Kate
  • It went well, just turning up, being brave enough to get up and perform and do some acting, some music with Kate, I faced the fear and conquered it. I will join for the whole time next time. Linda
  • It was good exercise. It was nice to hang out after. Angela
  • I lead the "For you" Mary

What do people need to know?

  • What we are about, that we perform, and what we do with our performance John

What describes what we do?

  • Fun, entertaining, connections, sharing, voices, singing, gestures, exciting, actions, stories, teamwork, for you, giving back the story

On behalf of everyone, thank you for the hard work you have been doing.

John and Linda

Kate and Claire talking about the performance "Home is Where the Heart Is"


Huge crowd had to bring in additional seating to fit everybody in, barely enough room.

Family and friends come to support and the day bases.

Generous audience

Enjoyed the interaction of the audience to the participants, Audience response

Heart-warming and welcoming experience to be invited into the world of the participants.

I felt so good after watching the show, I felt anxious before coming, but I was so glad to come and see my friends do really well. Daneka, Mix

The Participants:

No holding back, everyone was really enthusiastic (Participants) wanting to do well.

It was funny,

I liked doing all of the actions, Angela

The participants really stepped up and they were lovely in the warm up, really connected.

I am so impressed by N and her engagement, I know! You couldn't stop her! What I thought was really great, was the echoing of other people in the work, added her own thought but chorused the work. It supported all the training we had been doing.

Someone has come to see me, discussion about the reaction. How often do you get that chance? To be able to perform, I think we were lucky, to have the HCC arts Councillor to come downstairs and engage with us, to watch the work. She came without personal invitation, drawn by how exciting it was, the buzz.

It was a huge event.

What would we change for next time?

Time, I would start the show earlier, and having the participants earlier, just fitting the van runs in. It was great to have participants form Alpha Omega Playback came.

I loved the feeling of the audience, lots of appreciation, thanks, lots of talking and interaction with each other, lingering warmed to the stories. Great meeting parents and celebrating the success of the participants.

The participants want more. The area manager of Idea Services was happy with our final result. This is great as they are very supportive of this cultural development.

We were very lucky to have support from Janet at MIX, it was made a much easier process for me as leader to have her support in the teaching, not just with her guys but for the Idea Services crew, she has always had a very gentle but generous way of being with people and nurturing their learning process, in particular she was very good with T and guiding her back into the work when she got distracted and lost focus and started to hold up group process.

What did you think of music?

They were really prepared, to be right there, to go. Really good initiative, communicating, dialogue, I think that raising the bar, people come to meet it, it is really important to meet it.

I think it was relaxed with the performance to coach and to present at the same time.

I am always surprised how connected and happy people are to do Yonana. What a connective and accessible song.

I found your leadership with music to be invaluable. Definitely made my role easier to co-share responsibility at the performance, I also enjoyed the robust music sessions we had during our training and really developed technique and skills of the clients.

Audience Response to the performance

It was wonderful to see the performers from Mix and Idea Services and combined performance just wonderful progression they've made together I heard it was excellent I had a really good time. Baldeve, MIX

It was so lovely to have this vibrant performance in the Hutt. It's just so hard to capture the magic that happened on the moment, in written word and pictures. Pippa Sanderson, Arts Coordinator, Hutt City Council.

I love to getting to know everyone and it felt like such a privilege to perform and to be able to support the work. Unknown

My mother absolutely loved you should you do a wonderful job and can't believe you knew everybody's names and you could remember them, Judy