Hutt Playback Theatre

When I started this project it was the idea of stretching my playback vision through the different parts of the Wellington region.

I had been working independently with these amazing groups and I got to thinking about how they could compliment each other to create something magic when they came together.

With the support of Hutt Creative Communities I got to work at the amazing Arts on High and gather together different groups from Idea Services and Mix to create Hutt Playback Theatre Company. The group was formed and we had a mission, create a company of performers and do a public performance at The Dowse. You can see from the picture above it was a great time.

Audience Response to the performance

It was wonderful to see the performers from Mix and Idea Services and combined performance just wonderful progression they've made together I heard it was excellent I had a really good time. Baldeve, MIX

It was so lovely to have this vibrant performance in the Hutt. It's just so hard to capture the magic that happened on the moment, in written word and pictures. Pippa Sanderson, Arts Coordinator, Hutt City Council.

I love to getting to know everyone and it felt like such a privilege to perform and to be able to support the work. Unknown

My mother absolutely loved you should you do a wonderful job and can't believe you knew everybody's names and you could remember them, Judy

This company was fundamental in creating the “For You” movement that we apply to our company Alpha Omega Playback Theatre Company, it is so lovely to have flow and connection between the groups.

What was a highlight of the performance?

  • Singing the songs, John

  • Having the audience participate with us

  • They were really supportive, Janet

  • Being present, keeping head up and look out at people, Tracey

  • Singing with everyone, the sleeping story, when everyone lay down, Rosalie

  • Coping with my feelings about being there, managing my wellness, I was ready, there to commit. Mary

  • I agree with Janet, the audience Judy

  • It’s very different from rehearsal, because we change from our stories to hearing their stories, the stories of the audience and how we can build those stories; we are performing for them their stories. We are creating a dialogue together, our shared experiences. Claire

  • I had a good time, Francis

  • I had a really good time, Johnny

  • Good, I good being with people, good mix of people, support Cheryl. Natasha

  • I liked the energy of everyone coming together; we just filled that whole space. Kate

  • It went well, just turning up, being brave enough to get up and perform and do some acting, some music with Kate, I faced the fear and conquered it. I will join for the whole time next time. Linda

  • It was good exercise. It was nice to hang out after. Angela

  • I lead the "For you" Mary