The Great Bank Robbery & The Log Cabin

"Westerns" a play within a film. A family event

Over the last year the participants of Thumbs up have created two western dramas for their families and friends. The Log Cabin and The Great Bank Robbery, the stories were created scene by scene in six panel storyboards. It has been an exciting and thrilling process developing the scenes and roles.

We will be presenting as an old fashioned hoedown, combining an evening of theatre, food, music and movement at the conclusion of our year at Thumbs Up 2015.

Our Play's:

The story starts in the small town of tumbleweed townwhere all is not what it seems.

"Cut" shouts the director. "Reset and from your marks, action"

"Action" the second director indulges.

"We are filming, quiet on set!"

This is an insight to film style introducingscene by scene for the audience. We are able to break down the process of creating dramatic scene also and empower different members of a group into roles of directing and leadership.

 The Great Bank Robbery

Small time criminals try to rob the bank of Tumble weed town. This goes awry thanks to the sheriff the town folk have a giant shootout and members of town and the bad guys die.  Some of the bad guys get away, not to worry the good guys soon chase after and save the day. Only after much drinking in the saloon. It takes time to collate a pose.

The Log Cabin

Is a story of a corrupt real estate agent who is making money off stolen Indian lands, The local tribe trick the agent into drinking magic truth potion made from cactus plants from the desert. The land agent blabs his evil plan in the local saloon. He is then demoted to the town grave digger. Very humiliating indeed.

All ideas were created by participants of Thumbs Up

They have been devising this work over the last year and been in rehearsal for three months.