Igniting the Spark

Improv Festival 2016

October each year brings about the Improv Festival. It has been going from strength to strength offering a diverse range of workshops and ways to connect and play.

Actors and musicians merge to perform the story live for the audience.

Actors and musicians merge to perform the story live for the audience.

Playback theatre offered our group members a special opportunity to focus on their personal development within the artistry and form.

This was a joyful exploration of our current times and the direction the world is shifting in. A massive thank you to our amazing participants and the worlds they come from.


Island Bays Big Community Christmas Sing

I was warmly invited to lead song in a group workshop at Island Bay Community Centre for their Christmas Party.

What a delightful occasion with lots of warmth and Christmas Spirit.


Thank you so much Claire! We had so much fun with you yesterday!

It really set the tone of the evening, and reminded me (at least) to take time out to actually enjoy the event rather than stressing over everything. This was amazing! You have such an awesome gift! May your summer season be full of joy and happiness and may 2018 bring you awesome new experiences, good health, and loads of fun adventures!

Lisa Cunningham: Co-ordinator of Island Bay Community Centre

Staff Development Thumbs Up

Silly photo 4.jpg

These are the raddest people I know working in the disability industry. This is just a drop of all the people working for Thumbs Up.

Thumbs up is a parent led organisation that celebrates the unique individual and supports them into having meaningful life and educational experiences as a vocational service. 

We had a session celebrating the staff and achievements of participants over the last year.

The was goody bags, music making sessions, gifts of words and meaningful exchange for what has been and what is yet to come.

I deliver both song and drama sessions at Thumbs Up, it is always a delight to spend time creating with the staff and breathing some action into the staff training week.

It’s the most interaction we have had all week. It’s great to be up out of chairs and moving around and getting creative.


Grief Workshops at MIX

Sometimes it is hard to express ourselves in times of grief and creativity is the best platform for that.

Over several sessions at both Upper Hutt MIX and Lower Hutt MIX we took time to celebrate the lives of very dear friends and the lasting impact they have had on their hearts and minds within the MIX communities.

In one of our sessions we created a tribute to one of our friends favorite mediums "Wool".

This was created with memories being weaved in by a working song Dear Firend.

Dear Friend, dear friend

Let me tell you how I feel

You have give me such pleasure

I love you so.

For Sharon (800x450).jpg

In our other workshops we celebrated by making songs and building a rich tapestry of our favourite memories dedicated to our lost friend.

Hospital Sing 2016


I was delighted to be invited to lead some sessions with Julian and in Julian's absence with Community Music Junction at the Hospital.

We were generously sponsored by the Wellington Community Choir to run these sessions at the Hospital on Wednesdays around lunchtime. They were free tor anyone to come and spontaneously sing. 

They were a great deal of fun. We hope to see another arts project go back into the atruim.

Hutt Valley Community Arts Network

Hutt Valley Community Arts Network has been up and running since 2013 I've been involved in the network.

Working alongside Pippa Sanderson it's our place to network with other artists in the Hutt and to grow work opportunities.

We have had several fantastic workshops on marketing promotion and lots of time for networking and socializing.

HVCAN Meets every 6 weeks throughout the year.


CAN mtg 25 March 2014.jpg

Workshop on connection led by me at the gallery at HVCAN