Music Therapy

In 2014 Kate and I ran a series of workshops in music therapy at the Christie Centre,  our twelve week program offered an opportunityfor meaningful interaction with music.

 Kate took the lead on this project as it was my first time doing music therapy.

It was so beautiful to see people emerge from behind the disability, to have pathways to the world opened up because of this experience.

It was such valuable experience to learn music therapy skills and how this relates to all of my work now.

Devised Theatre: The Pride Awards

Devised theatre starts with a project idea; it could be a simple as a word, a feeling or a statement.

The devised theatre process is very flexible and can have both short and long term projects often resulting in a performance.

What you discover in yourself and you fellow participants as part of the process of devising makes it a desirable art form to work with.

It is highly creative, engaging and active way to create theatre.

This is the method of theatre we used for The Pride Awards in 2013.

We created an opening act and closing act in support of the awards ceremony

Community Singing

Singing with Soul is one of our community programs, featuring informal group singing, singing for the joy of it. There are no restrictions to the ability of participants and welcome all with the inclination towards singing.

We explore music with our voices, instruments and movement giving a environmental feel to our music

We diversify our classes depending on the needs of the group or environment we are singing in.

Our sessions run for an hour at a time.