Dear Creative Soul,

I welcome you to my creative world. This is a place to ignite your creativity, to tell your story, to connect to your soul voice and find your joy, to be present in the moment and to be seen and heard.

Following your passions is easier than you think. I invite you to take up the call and follow your intuition.

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Claire Hewitt is igniting the creative spark in people of all ages and abilities. An educator, facilitator, musician, actor and director, Claire has been involved in performing arts for sixteen years and worked with people of all ages and abilities. Her methodology is based on the soul voice, enhancing communication and giving a voice to the unspoken.


The benefits of following your bliss

  • Deeper connection to self
  • Identifying your creative needs and finding your creative voice
  • Lower stress and enriching your soul
  • Accomplishment and encouragement
  • Finding bravery and taking risks
  • Challenging yourself
Claire, you are so fab, I love that I can be like you too. Confident, free, energetic, funny and laugh heartily. I can be outspoken and take the stage without being shy.
— Rani, D.I.Y.Collective

What we do, you can do too

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Creativity is a gift of expression to the deepest part of us, the call to action to connect and share your story.

Expression is the road to happiness. Playful connection will give you an opportunity to expend and grow your energy. It’s a form of release that is stabilising in how we place our focus and energy in our lives.

Creativity is a pathway to social change, being a part of something that can have great impact when collective energy comes together.

Igniting your creativity is an opportunity to:

  • Be connected to your soul voice
  • Thrive in a place of expression
  • Build connection to self-practice
  • Have purposeful exchange with others
  • Experience happiness and joyful environment
  • Dig deeper into your creativity
  • Ignite a journey to deeper understanding of yourself

Come and join me for your experience in creativity.

Now is the time to do that thing the challenges and invites new experiences.

I love the way you work with our people and bring out the best in them. You are an important part of the difference we make here at Thumbs Up.
— Laura Vonk, Manager

Let’s work together. 

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