Nurturing the Spark

Just Julie: The magic of what you already know

Sometimes you’ve just got to chat to your friends. In which we discover the parts of ourselves and our work that we would like to expand on.

Julie and I have been connecting for a about a year. We have been deep diving into our creative passions and the impact they have on the world.

Julie runs her own dynamic work called One Fresh Meal, you can find her here, she has loads of great content up for using at making quality meals from fruits and vegetables.

Having recently been to Italy she is on a mission to get to Africa to support children in learning to cook. Yes girlfriend!!!

Help Julie get to Uganda, you can donate her fund here:

Chatting with Julie in San Diego via Zoom

Chatting with Julie in San Diego via Zoom

Nurturing the Spark with Raylyn

Raylyn and I have known each other for eleven years. From humble beginnings in wondering what would come before us in our late night flatmate chats, to where we are now as friends and cohorts in creativity.

Ray as Waireka in Te Ahua Te Utu 2015   I directed it with Voice Arts Trust

Ray as Waireka in Te Ahua Te Utu 2015

I directed it with Voice Arts Trust

With my deep gratitude to Raylyn for her generosity and support that has helped to launch me on my journey as a creative healer.

If you're ever in doubt, honest, sit down with piece of paper and brainstorm what you want for your life, chat it out with a mate. It works!

All these years of experience behind us, we had an opportunity to sit down and chat about where we've been and where we are going.

Alongside a celebration of our journey we took time to nurture Ray and her next steps in the next phase of her life.

We made a commitment with "Intentional Creativity" and the Red Thread ceremony. Both placing a intention for the future and releasing.


Sometimes you just need accountability buddy in your professional work.

Nurturing the spark merges both personal and professional as you layout the steps for this moment, the next challenge and what lies ahead.

It celebrates your skills and talent and what you have to offer.

It was quite buzzy and the buzzy part could make it addictive.
— Ray Christian

Business Coaching: Rachel Nankivell

I am passionate about educators finding their creative voice.

Rachel and I made time to chat about her amazing photo club and holiday program she ran in Winter 2017. What she wanted to do and ways she could do it maximizing on her talent. 

Yay! This city is so lucky to have you Claire.

I have been very lucky to have her come and capture some of my work with Thumbs Up and Alpha Omega Playback Theatre Company.

These are some of my favorites and speak to the wonderful stories Rachel tells with her camera.